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news this morning where crews are on the scene of a fire that sent one person to the hospital. we want to take you out there live to the scene. now the fire was reported just before 3:00 a.m. this morning. crews were able to get it under control in just about 30 minutes. obviously, you can see it's still an active scene, coming up at 5:00 we will have more on the investigation and the cause of that fire. they are trying to commemorate the september 11th terror attacks. this morning in lower manhattan 200 families will read the names of those killed. we will look at men morial there, for the first time elected officials will not speak at the event. coming up, we will take you
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back to ground zero for a look at their observances. >> and also president barack obama and michelle obama will honor flight 77 and the 25 people -- 125 who were inside the pentagon and who died 11 years ago today. that event will include a wreathe laying and a moment of silence. 40 lanterns were placed to represent the 40 passengers in sanctionville. vice-president joseph biden will speak at the ceremony and it includes a reading of the flight members passengers and
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crew. and also tara moriarty is in san francisco this morning with more on what the fire department is doing to remember those who died. >> reporter: well, one minute befor 7:00 0 -- we are told the bell on the corner of full son will -- folsom will signify the last ban. they will observe as well a moment of silence. right now the tower is lit up in red white and blue and in about two hours, all 43 firehouses will hold ceremonies to remember those who lost their lives. those who want to honor the people who have fallen are welcome at their fire stations. >> it will be solemn and humbling and it is a tradition
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in san francisco where we read all the names so, it is a promotional quiet somber moment. >> reporter: now in addition, in san jose there will be a flame lighting ceremony in oak hill memorial park -- and then again at 6:00 tonight. a ceremony is planned in union city in sugar milaning park. for more information -- sugar mill landing park. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all lanes of eastbound 580 are led they were found near the 98th avenue on the on ramp near east oakland.
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witnesses saw the bike in the road and stopped their cars to block the scene until the police arrived. the man in his 60s died of his injuries and police learned alcohol was involved. chp officers will be with the body of officer young stromb. they escorted him to a procession he was shot and killed by a driver he helped to pull over in alamo. a funeral will be held on thursday morning in the missing church in vacaville. several thousand people showed up to an under ground graffiti show over the weekend.
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the owner invited graffiti artests are to one last show. when sop people didn't make it inside, they got angry and started tagging businesses. >> it was really sad to see all of the damage to so many of the pulleddings. >> it will take about a -- about $3,000 in paint and labor to fix it. >> police are increasing patrols after a 15-year-old girl reported a man tried to kidnap her. police say it happened last week when she was walking home. a man pulled up alongside her and she fought her way free and escaped unharmed. authorities have not disclosed the name of the street where it happened but police will add
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patrols when children are walking too and from school. and he was a used of -- accused of buy being alcohol for a minor. he retired for the fire department before taking over for the interim fire department. the police chief denise turn they are will handle both jobs and the city plans to hire a permanent chief by january. today the u.s. chemical safety board is scheduled to update the public on the status into last months' chevron refinery fire. they have removed an 8-foot section of pipe that was badly thinned before it failed.
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it has been sends to the track are you. >> they said mistake were made and they have now pled to improve the way emissions cop through without disaster. sal, let's look at traffic, hey, sal. hi, pam, as a matter of fact we are doing well around the bay area, 80 westbound looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems and also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no major problems getting across to the city and it is very light going up to highway 17. and yesterday it could the chewed up, there is a tiny low
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helping it along, there is patchy fog from san francisco too far, and as we head -- to the end of the week, tropical moisture takes carry of that degrees just not enough of a sea breeze but the sea breeze may kick in later on. and one day here we go, it is just a little rollercoaster ride, one day we warm up, one day we cool down. it will be slightly warmer, it will be more towards the coast and bay. temperatures did warm up yesterday. livermore yesterday, 91 santa rosa. 60s on the coast, 70s to lower 80s around the coast and bay. it looks nice wednesday and
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thursday and it looks like another cooling trends, pam? what are you going to do about your officers that are killing our kids. >> what canceled this meeting last night just one hour after it started. >> san francisco fire heads say they became a better department since the tragedy.
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. good morning, fog is regrouping on the coast, slightly cooler, 60s and 70s around the bay. continuing coverage. september 11th anniversary. in just about an hour the first moment of silence will mark the
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first plane crashing into the first tower, here is more on today's commemoration. >> reporter: a very busy and emotional day as crowds stream into lower manhattan. there is also an agreement at the museum. >> reporter: lives around the world were forever changed. >> it crashed, it's down, it is down. >> coordinated attacks were carried out by extremists crashing them into the twin towers and the pentagon. and then in sanction -- sanctionville, since then a nation has pledged to inform forget the lives lost. the museum was supposed to be open but plans ceased due to funding concerns. >> we will complete the museum which will give us a chance to
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tell the story of what really happened there in a very moving and thought full way. >> reporter: some say the world trade center site will be a fitting place. >> it is a testimony to the resill generals and insurgence... >> and this -- resilience and insurgence. >> reporter: it was a tuesday and we also note the crystal clear blue skies, same weather conditions, back to you. and it is still fresh in the minds of those who traveled and they came to lends support to fellow firefighters in new york. they sifted through the rubble in the days after the attacks and they say they were shaken by what they saw. >> i still have not seen a
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picture or photograph on television that shows the magnitude of the devastation except being there. >> there has been a tremendous amount of training and they have become a better department because of it. we will have continuing live coverage throughout 0 the morning and we also have a list of the rememberance events here on our hot topics site right now classrooms in chicago will once again be empty as thousands of public school teachers continue to strike for a second day. that strike has left the parents of about 350,000 children looking for alternatives as they have to work. the school district continued negotiations with the union
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yesterday but still could not reach an agreement. now back over to sal, hopefully there are no problems out there. >> just some construction work, eastbound shut down over the last few weeks. 80 westbound looks good as you head to the mcarthur maze, no major problems and also at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will not see any problems getting into the city right now. and if you are driving northbound 280 traffic looks good getting to the highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, there are some areas of fog forming, there is a little guy forming off the coast. sunny nice to warm, probably not as warm as yesterday but i tell you, there is still a warmup. it will continue to warm up and
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we will warm back up friday morning into saturday and the direction is not right for us. in antioch, i got some cool readings in the santa cruz, western with at a. if o, there is a component and just a tiny guy out there, so a little cooler, breezy at times, still mild to warm and if you are stuck in that fog bank, it is cold, mild to warm inland 80s and still some mild to warm temperatures, it will continue to cool, thursday transition time with warmer inland temperatures and now not much will change and it looks like another cooler pattern arrives on sunday, pam. we are learning new information about a robbery
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suspect who was shot by an off- duty san francisco deputy. the suspect is 17 years old and recovering from two gunshot wounds. at 2:00 yesterday morning, he approached the deputy near lake merit. the suspect demanded money. the suspect's gun was fake and he believed he was involved in two other robberies that night. a tense confrontation in vallejo. several people showed up to speak out about five deadly officers involved shootings. it happened last week when police shot mario romero when they thought he had a gun. at a citizen panel meeting -- they were there to talk about
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the possibility of creating some sort of citizens review board but things quickly turned chaotic forcing committee members to cancel it. >> we cannot afford to let this meeting get dismissed, please let her speak. please, okay, when we get outside we can say what we want. >> a member of the vallejo council can speak as well. they did not have jurisdictions to say what they could and could not have. a candle light vigil was held for olson. he had gone tubing over the weekend with friends. his name was written on a hillside near the school. the vigil will be beginning at
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7:00 p.m. facebook friends ask that people bring their own candles. a father accused of kidnapping his two young children said he did it to protect them. christopher said his children were being abused. due his -- during his first court appearance, the mother denies the claims. he surrendered and did not enter a plea in court and will be back in court next week. well exhibiting problems. >> phillip rivers passed for 231 yards. raiders got two, after he live the game with an injury and it was a tough night for the raiders. and new security measures mandated by the nfl, the new
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chief says the raiders and the league are watching parking lots and tailgators more closely. a few dozen people were arrested and ktvu channel 2 morning news got several led away for fights or drunkenness. >> if you are physically intoxicated you should not come in. that is our stance. >> fans are now required to enter metal detect ters and the raiders have a number to text if they bring in any problems. new details are and coming out about the driver accused of killing a pedestrian in walnut creek. we have the previous problems he had while behind the wheel. plus a foul smell in southern california,
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authorities believe they have traced it and we will have that and more.
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. welcome back, time now 4:53, some are not happy about the smell, the rotten egg smell is trailing all the way to los angeles. some say it could be coming
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from the sea 150 miles west of los angeles. now they had a wave of fish die off and combined with some strong winds, it is possible the odor traveled that far. 4:53, it is time now for a look at traffic. >> well the commute doesn't stink, pam. >> that is good. >> well on interstate 880 that traffic looks good in both directions near the oakland coliseum. at the toll plaza we keep watching it, it is not a bad drive getting into san francisco, it is a very nice drive on the upper deck of the bay bridge and if you are driving even in antioch, we are off to a good start in contra costa county, let's go to steve. well, fog is increasing on the coast, yesterday we warmed up and -- you know i have been doing this for a couple of
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decades and the forecast models are having a tough time but they are spot on the east bay. concord and livermore east, they are a little under forecasting. although it is not making a strong surge, it will be in the mix, but 40s and 50s on the temperatures and those are some very cool readings. i expect to see some low 40s for everything said and done. they are trying to make it out towards stockton, still one day we warm up and one day we cool down. today looks a little cooler for most. slightly cooler sea breeze to near 90 degrees and we then start to turn things down. inland temperatures, it looks
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like a cool down kicking back down on sunday. pam la? we are learning about the crash that killed one person. 52-year-old man is facing vehicular charges after hitting two women. the impact killed sherie hicks who was here visiting her son and his new wife. >> we are looking at all of those, whether there was any influence issues, how the driving was, like i mentioned the traffic reconstruction, inspecting the suspect vehicle... >> hicks' daughter in-law is at the medical center. we spoke her husband but he wants to keep this tragedy a private family matter.
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we will finalize the report on suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. they recommended removing him after his no contest plea stemming from a domestic violence incident. they will make the decision on whether or not to fire him and yesterday he asked to delay giving the report until after the november election. and coming up on the 5:00 hour, there are concerns of radioactive waste on treasure island. they are looking into how the city is responding to the potential health threat. developing news, one person was hurt at an early morning fire, we will be right back.
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. later this hour, formal ceremonies begin marking the anniversary of 9/11. and in san francisco, we will tell you what they plan to do honoring the

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